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Lot 1908
15 Red Angus Replacemet Heifer Calves

Schuler Genetics
Complete Modified Live Vac Program
Located SE Wyoming

Lot 1907
300 Mostly Blk/Bwf, few Red Cows

3 to 6 years old
Black Cows are Bred to Hereford Bulls
Red & BWF Cows are Bred to Black Angus Bulls
CF: March 10th for 60 days
Complete Vac Program
High Elevation
Owner is moving out of state and not taking the cows with him.
Located in Southeast Wyoming

Lot 1906
55 Corriente Bred Cows

Bred to Black Angus Bulls
CF: April 1st for 60 days
3 to Solid Mouth
Located: Nebraska Sandhills
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Lot 1905
107 Blk, few Bwf Bred Cows

Ages: 11 hd of 9yr olds; 14 hd of 8 yr olds;
27 hd of 7 yr olds; 21 hd of 6 yr olds;
7 hd of 5 yr olds; 12 hd of 4 yr olds;
8 hd of 3 yr olds; 7 hd of 2 yr olds
Weigh 1300-1350 lbs
Bred to Black Stabilizer Bulls
Cows 6 yrs and older CF: April 1 for 45 days
Cows 5 yrs and younger CF: May 1 for 45 days
Bangs Vaccinated
Cows are out of Stabilizer Bulls & Cows

Lot 1903
700 Blk/Bwf Bred Cows

3, 4 & 5 year olds
Bred to 90% Black Angus & 10% Charolais Bulls
CF: February 1st for 90 days
Safeguard & Poured in the Fall
Take all or gate cut
Located in Central Wyoming
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Lot 1902
295 Bred Cows

Mostly Blk, few Bwf & 6 to 7 Reds
Bred to Mostly Black Angus Bulls, 3 Hereford and 1 Simm Black Bull
CF: April 20th for 60 days
Ultrasounded in November
ViraShield VL 5 & Poured this Fall
Located in Central Wyoming
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Lot 1901
40 Bred Heifers
F-1 X Baldie Heifers & Black Bred Heifers
Bred to Great Calving Ease Bulls
with -BW epd's and CED from +14 to +16
CF: March 1st for 42 days
Majority of these Heifers are Sired by Vin-Mar
One Iron
Heifers are gentle, bale bed broke, hot fence broke and have been handled with horses. Very well made deep bodied moderate sized heifers.
Located in Western NE
Heifers Heifer_2Heifer_3
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Lot 1893
200 Black, 25-30% Bwf Bred Cows

2's coming 3 yr olds
Bred to Diamond Peak Sim/Angus Bulls
CF: March-April
High Elevation; Home Raised
Two Ranch Brands
Will keep on Cornstalks
Delivery: around February 10th
Located: South Central Nebraska
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Lot 1892
200 Black (30 Bwf) 3 yr old Bred Cows

Bred to Jorgensen Black Bulls or Van Newkirk Hereford Bulls
Calving as Follows
244 head CF: April 1st for 30 days
Located in Western Nebraska
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Lot 1888 - SOLD
76 Bred Heifers

AI Bred
CF: Feb 20th for 14 Days
BoviShield FP 5 VL5 HB & 7-way on 10/1
Front End of 250 hd
High Elevation
Located in South Central Wyoming

Lot 1887
22 Red Angus 3 yr old Bred Cows

Bred to Schuler Red Angus Bulls
CF: March 20th for 65 days
One Iron
Located: Southeast Wyoming

Lot 1882 - SOLD
50 Blk AI Bred Heifers
AI'd to Ideal 4223
CF: 1st week of March
61 Blk Bull Bred Heifers
12 Blk/Bwf Bull Bred Heifers

Bred to Reyes Low Birth Wt Bulls
CF: March 25th
Located: SE Wyoming

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