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For Sale on Private Treaty

Lot 1893
300 Black, 25-30% Bwf Bred Cows

2's coming 3 yr olds
Bred to Diamond Peak Sim/Angus Bulls
CF: March-April
High Elevation; Home Raised
Two Ranch Brands
Will keep on Cornstalks
Delivery: around February 10th
Located: South Central Nebraska
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Lot 1892
344 Black (30 Bwf) 3 yr old Bred Cows

250 head are Bred to Van Newkirk Hereford Bulls
94 head are Bred to Jorgensen Black Angus Bulls
Calving as Follows
116 head CF: March 1 for 30 days
180 head CF: April 1st for 30 days
48 head CF: May 1st for 30 days
Located in Western Nebraska
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Lot 1891
181 Black 3 yr old Bred Cows

Bred to Jorgensen Black Angus Bulls
Calving Dates are as follows
103 head CF: March 1st for 30 days
64 head CF: April 1st for 30 days
14 head CF: May 1st for 15 days
One Iron
Running Out on Hay Meadows, Cake Broke
Originated off the Stoddard Ranch
Located in Western Nebraska
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Lot 1890 - SOLD
45 Black Bred Heifers

AI'd to Lone Star H02
CF: Middle of February to the End of February
PregGuard & Pour On 1 month ago
Raised on a Modified Live Vac Program
High Elevation
Located in Western Nebraska

Lot 1889
200 Blk Cows

52 hd of 3 Yr Olds, Balance 4 to 6 Yr Olds
Bred to Angus & Hereford Bulls
CF: March 1st for 55 days
Located in Central Wyoming

Lot 1888
76 Bred Heifers

AI Bred
CF: Feb 20th for 14 Days
BoviShield FP 5 VL5 HB & 7-way on 10/1
Front End of 250 hd
High Elevation
Located in South Central Wyoming

Lot 1887
22 Red Angus 3 yr old Bred Cows

Bred to Schuler Red Angus Bulls
CF: March 20th for 65 days
One Iron
Located: Southeast Wyoming

Lot 1883
85 Blk/Bwf Bred Heifers

Bred to Kenny Haas Low Birth Wt Blk Angus Bulls
Ultrasounded to CF: Group 1: March 1st - 25 days;
Group 2: April 1st for 25 days
Weighing 1000-1050 lbs; Home Raised, Family Brands, Bangs Vac
Vista 5 VL5, Long Range Wormer
Summered at 7,000 ft
Located: Western Nebrasksa

Lot 1882
50 Blk AI Bred Heifers
AI'd to Ideal 4223
CF: 1st week of March
131 Blk Bull Bred Heifers
12 Blk/Bwf Bull Bred Heifers

Bred to Reyes Low Birth Wt Bulls
CF: March 25th
5 Late Calvers
Located: SE Wyoming

Lot 1881
Two Year Old Breeding Bulls

4 hd Available
Fertility & Trich Tested
Ken Haas Bloodlines
Reference Sires: Tour of Duty, Ten High 3350, Quaker Hill Rampage, Ten Proof 3050
BW: 70 to 80
CED: 7 to 11
YW: 71 to 123
High Carcass & Retail Beef EPD's
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Contact Lex at 307-532-1580 for more info

Lot 1878
143 Black Bred Heifers

Bred to Indreland Angus Bulls & Sons of Mountain Man
CF: March 25 to May 1st
Located South Central Wyoming
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Lot 1872
50 Horned Hereford Bred Heifers

AI'd to Spring Cove Cat
Cleaned up with Black Angus Bulls
CF: Feb 20th for 45 days
Located in Western NE
Can take 1 load or more
Contact Zach 307-575-2171

Contact Lex Madden for inquiries on Private Treaty
307-532-3333 or 307-532-1580