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Lot 2157
48 Hereford Cows

3 & 4 yr olds, few 5 yr olds
Northern Origin
Bred to Hereford Bulls
CF: March 1st for 75 days
Preg Checked on September 15th
Wormed in the Spring w/ Cydectin & Poured with Clean Up
ViraShield 6 + VL5
Located 40 miles south of Springfield, MO or 40 miles west of Bransen, MO
Call Lex at 307-532-1580
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Lot 2156
116 Maine Anjou X Bred Cows

105 head are 2's coming 3's & 3's coming 4's,
balance are 4's coming 5'
Bred to Flag Ranch High Performing Black Angus Bulls
Calving in 2 Groups
March 10th to April 1st
April 1st to May 8th
Spring Shots: PregGuard 10
Fall Shots: 7-way, SafeGuard Wormer & Poured
Located in Southeast Wyoming
Call Lex at 307-532-1580
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Lot 2155
84 Blk/Red Salers Bred Cows

Weight: 1225 to 1400 lbs
3 to 8 years old
Bred to Angus or Charolais Bulls
CF: February 10 to May 31
High Altitude
Great Mothers that produce 550-630 lbs calves in the Fall
Located: 225 miles SW of Denver, CO
Contact Scott Redden 970-596-3588
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Lot 2154  
105 Bred Heifers
AI'd on May 14th to CF: February 23rd
AI'd to ABS Hickock
Shots: 8-way, Pyramid 5, ViraShield 6 VL5 & Poured
Located in Western Wyoming
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Contact Danny at 307-632-4325 

Lot 2153  
78 Bred Cows
Bred to Limousine and Lim Flex Bulls from Stoll Limousine.
Start Calving January 27th
59 head Preg Tested and will calve before March 17th  balance will calve between March 17th and May 20th.
Ages: 10 hd - 2yr; 9hd - 3yr; 8 hd - 4yr; 7 hd - 5yr; 9 hd - 6yr; 6 hd - 7yr; 10 hd - 8yr; 3 hd - 9yr; 16 hd - 10 to 15 yr
All Home Raised except for 3 Lim Flex Cows
Exact Ages, Birthdates, birthweights and calving data has been kept on everyone of these cows.
Calm cattle used to calving through a barn and being walked through on foot daily, worked with ATVs.
Historical weaning wt: Steers avg 625 lbs;
Hfrs avg 595 lbs.
Annual Vacciantaions: BoviShield FP5 VL5 and UltraChoice 7 every spring prior to breeding season.
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Contact Danny at 307-632-4325 

Lot 2152 - SOLD 
Approx 300 to 325 hd of Bred Cows

Head count will depend on final preg ck.
2 to 6 years old
Mostly Black, few BWF, 2 to 3 Reds
Cows weigh: 1050 to 1350 lbs, Mostly 1250 to 1325 lbs
Complete Dispersal. Home Raised. High Elevation running at 6500 to 8600 ft.
Bred to Black Raftopoulos Bulls.
Bulls turned in June 19th to Calve March 25th for 60 days.
Historically 75% of Cows calve in first 25 days.
Everyone raised a calf.
Bangs Vaccinated. Cow Shots: 8-way & BoviShield Gold 5 and Poured with Ivermectin in the Spring.
Will be preg checked and ID’d by a licensed vet.
Delivery: 9/9/2021 to 9/17/2021.
Choice to Fancy, you won’t be disappointed.
Located in Northwest Colorado.
Contact Lex at 307-532-1580
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Contact Lex Madden for inquiries on Private Treaty
307-532-3333 or 307-532-1580


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