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For Sale by Private Treaty

Lot 2333
40 Red Angus Pairs

3 & 4 Year Olds, few 5 Yr Olds
Ear Tagged for Age
Cows weigh 1150 to 1300 lbs
First Calf Born April 1st
Birth Shots: Alpha 7 & Calf Guard
Calves are not Branded
Cows have not been running back with bulls
immediate Delivery
Located in Powell, WY
Contact Chris at 307-272-4567

Lot 2332 - SOLD
355 Blk/Bwf Yearling Replacement Heifers

Weigh Approx 800 lbs
Bangs Vac
Complete Vac History
Weaned a long time
Light Grower Ration fed to go to Grass
Deliver Immediately
Located in Western Nebraska
Call Chuck at 307-575-4015 or Lex at 307-532-1580
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Lot 2331 - SOLD
40 Black Heifer Pairs

Tagged to Match
First Calf Born Feb 19
Heifers had ScourGuard prior to Calving
Running Out & Ration of Milo, Ground Hay and Silage
Sort from 50 Pairs
Located in Northeast Colorado
Call Nolan at 307-216-0033
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Lot 2330
50 Blk/Bwf (5 Red) Pairs

Weigh 1320 to 1435 lbs
Tagged to Match
Calves have been worked, but are not branded
Immediate Delivery
Located in Western Nebraska
Call Lex at 307-532-1580
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Lot 2322
140 Red Angus Pairs

Calves are Tagged to Match
Started Calving the End of March
Deliver: May 15th to May 30th
Cows weigh 1325 to 1450 lbs
Cows are 8, 9 & 10 years old
NOT Exposed Back to Bulls
Calves are out of Cross Diamond &
Axtell Red Angus Bulls
Located in North Eastern Colorado
Contact Chuck Petersen 307-575-4015
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